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Back in action: the book BACK IN ACTION
The definitive guide to overcoming back pain
By Dr. Scott G. Duke

Available in paperback AND electronic versions with
click-to-watch videos!

When it comes to back pain, you've got questions:

“What causes my lower back pain?”
“What can I do to treat it?”
“Should I be using ice or heat?”
“How can I keep the pain from coming back?”

BACK IN ACTION features photos and video of exercises and stretches you can do anywhere and anytime. In the electronic versions of the book, simply click to watch a video.

BACK IN ACTION has the answers. There’s lots of information out there. Much of it is contradictory, and, often, it’s plain wrong. In BACK IN ACTION, Dr. Duke cuts through the misinformation with clear, easy-to-follow tips and exercises demonstrated with photos and video that can be followed by practically anyone, regardless of fitness level!

The key to strengthening your lower spine and healing your back pain (and preventing it) is movement. Dr. Duke explains what you’ve been doing wrong and how you can make it right. BACK IN ACTION explores:

  • Beneficial stretching movements
  • Proper techniques for lifting, pushing and pulling
  • Overcoming poor posture
  • Activating your core
  • How to begin and maintain routines for a healthy spine
  • Seated exercises you can do at work
  • Immediate self care techniques and when to seek professional care
  • Movements for exercise enthusiasts and athletes
  • Spine-friendly yoga poses
  • Age-related spinal issues
  • Proper nutrition for a healthy spine
  • Use of pain relievers

Download a fact sheet (PDF) about BACK IN ACTION Read more about Dr. Duke Buy BACK IN ACTION

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