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Herniated Disc

A disc does not "slip". It can tear, bulge, or herniate. All are problems which affect exiting nerves from the spine that irritate muscles via intermittent spasm. This condition can cause numbness, burning pain, and tingling into the shoulder blade or into the arm and fingers. People often have difficulty turning their head, as well as finding a comfortable position for their neck when sleeping.

Doctor’s Treatment Plan
Less than 1% of our patients require surgery as an outcome. Our plan is to use traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound and other pain controlling modalities, with a combination of special neuro-muscular pressure points to release scar tissue, and specific joint mobilization techniques that take the pressure off other spinal discs and nerve roots, so your injury can heal more quickly. We assist you with specific exercises designed for your posture, as well as exercises for home.
Herniated Disc

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  Note: It should always be considered that not all injuries are spinal related, and therefore not all injuries can be fully corrected with the benefit of chiropractic medicine. Further, the injury profiles and recommendations for treatment should in no way be used as a substitute for the care of a physician.
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