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IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is characterized by pain on the outside of the knee, thigh, and in some cases the hip. Runners and cyclists often experience IT Band pain from overtraining or from pelvic imbalances that cause increased stress to the outside portions of the knee, thigh, and hip.

Doctor's Treatment Plan
First we reduce the inflammation to the IT band through electric muscle stimulation and cryotherapy. The focus is then switched to lengthening the IT Band through Doctor-Patient assisted stretches and Active Release Technique. Pelvic alignment and a home stretch program will also be incorporated into rehab.
IT Band Syndrome

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  Note: It should always be considered that not all injuries are spinal related, and therefore not all injuries can be fully corrected with the benefit of chiropractic medicine. Further, the injury profiles and recommendations for treatment should in no way be used as a substitute for the care of a physician.
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