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Stress Fracture

Stress fractures are commonly seen in people engaging in high-impact activities such as running and gymnastics. A fracture will occur when the body is unable to repair itself in time to accept additional repetitive forces (i.e. marathon running). Pelvic imbalances will also create a condition where specific areas of the lower extremity are being forced to handle greater impact. Common sites of stress fracture include: the hip (femur), leg (tibia), heel (calcaneus), and foot (metatarsals).

Doctor's Treatment Plan
The doctors will take an x-ray of the affected area, and in some cases a bone-scan, to find the exact site of fracture. Focus is then on rapid bone-healing through ultrasound. Flexibility stretches and non-weight-bearing exercises will be employed immediately to allow the athlete to return to activity quicker, with minimal de-training effects.
Stress Fracture

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  Note: It should always be considered that not all injuries are spinal related, and therefore not all injuries can be fully corrected with the benefit of chiropractic medicine. Further, the injury profiles and recommendations for treatment should in no way be used as a substitute for the care of a physician.
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