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Rika Keck, Founder
NY Integrated Health LLC

Rika Keck Nutrition, Health and Fitness expert, Rika Keck, emphasizes stress reduction, self-care and education to keep up with the demands and challenges at home and in the workplace.

It is her belief that eating well, exercising on a regular basis, taking responsibility for one’s health by committing to healthier lifestyle choices and operating from an inner balance will result in increased motivation, balanced hormones, less pain, improved work and sports performance. Additionally, she is a Medical Exercise Specialist and she integrates a customized eating, exercise and lifestyle strategy for her clients.

With her broad knowledge of Metabolic Typing, Clinical Nutrition plus extensive studies in Functional Medicine / Biological Medicine and Herbal Medicine, Rika is able to address a variety of health challenges incl. digestive concerns, hormonal imbalances, sports specific – related injuries, chronic immune challenges, improved tissue healing, increased energy and nutritional sports refueling, food sensitivities…. and more.

As a Health Expert, she is an invited guest on discussion panels at two major events in midtown NYC. Please connect at her website/blog for more information. Currently, she is an invited guest blogger on three health blogs.

When she is not working, writing or studying, she enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing and travelling.

Rika Keck,
Certified in FDN, ACN, CMTA, HLC

646 285-8588
Twitter: 65Rika
LinkedIn: Rika Keck
Blog: http://www.nyintegratedhealth.com/index.php/blog1.html

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