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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

An entrapment of the nerves and blood vessels from your neck as they enter through the axilla (armpit), it is characterized by numbness and a sensation of the hands falling asleep. Usually caused by the scalenes (the muscles on the side of your neck), the pectoralis minor (the muscle under your chest), or both, due to poor posture or poor exercise habits, it can also be caused by scar tissue build up in women who have had Mastectomy surgery or Breast Augmentation.

Doctor’s Treatment Plan
The doctors will perform neuro-muscular re-education exercises to stretch the overactive tight muscles that press on the nerves and blood vessels, as well as strength exercises to stabalize posture and prevent future irritation. Active Release Technique, a specific form of muscular therapy, is performed to release scar tissue adhesions, in order to augment circulation.
  Note: It should always be considered that not all injuries are spinal related, and therefore not all injuries can be fully corrected with the benefit of chiropractic medicine. Further, the injury profiles and recommendations for treatment should in no way be used as a substitute for the care of a physician.
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