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Most people think you have to be in an auto accident to suffer whiplash. This is simply not true. Hyper-extension/hyper-flexion injuries, in which the head “whips” forward/back or side to side, occur with various sport activities, including swimming, soccer, football, bodysurfing, etc. This mechanism of impact strains the soft tissue structures of the neck, which give a range of symptoms that lead to physical disability if left untreated or not treated effectively.

Doctor’s Treatment Plan
Depending on the severity and mechanism of the injury, a spinal-rehabilitation program is designed to heal all related soft tissue structures of the neck.

Acute Phase: Physical therapy modalities to reduce swelling, control pain, and prevent scar tissue.

Remodeling Phase: Re-educate the Neuro-muscular system with trigger point massage and spinal manipulation.

Spinal Stabilization Phase: Strength exercises designed to stabilize the spine when the ligament structures are too weak to perform their tasks.
  Note: It should always be considered that not all injuries are spinal related, and therefore not all injuries can be fully corrected with the benefit of chiropractic medicine. Further, the injury profiles and recommendations for treatment should in no way be used as a substitute for the care of a physician.
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